The 2016 Election and the African-American Vote

I watched CNN’s Smerconish this weekend which included guest Carol Swain from Vanderbilt University and Attorney Areva Martin. One of their topics had to do with Donald Trump’s condescending plea to African-Americans for their vote. I was so upset after listening to Carol Swain perpetuate Trump’s façade I had to write Mrs. Martin an email to thank her for pushing back.

I was also motivated to write and I decided to share a some of that email in this post.

“Clearly Trump and his advisors think he can use script writers like Kellyanne Conway to help him articulate his hateful rhetoric in a less threatening manner. The “new” Trump is trying to manipulate the emotions of African-Americans like myself, using the same themes that formed the plots of 1970s black exploitation movies.

I find it ironic the same man who bragged about knowing and having so many “words” at his disposal, suddenly needs someone to put the right words in his mouth.

Conway might be able to cram Trump into a package that’s more appealing to the Republican conservative base however, she can’t erase his history of misogyny and racism. And people of all ethnic backgrounds and orientations will never and should never forget.

And while I’m at it I would like to remind Mrs. Conway that real men respect women without strings attached.

A few weeks ago I speculated with family that Trump is frantically trying to divert speculation about his wife’s immigration status and his taxes by deliberately sprinkling the airways with red herrings. I still suspect that but I also believe his motives run much deeper. Just as Mitch McConnell and the Republicans never wanted an African-American President, the last thing Trump wants to admit is that female is a better fit to run this country than he is. He knows he’s going to lose this election and all he wants to do is leave behind a divided nation in his wake.

Yes, Trump knows words. And all they do is create controversy and pain”.