Lights! Camera! Action!…..Damned!

The Trump campaign teased that a major announcement coming, be there you don’t want to miss this. Media outlets speculated that finally after five years of innuendo and denial Donald Trump was going to announce that he believed America’s first Black President was born in the United States and perhaps even apologize for driving the ‘Birther’ movement.

As it turns out the event which was held at Trump’s new hotel and intended to honor veterans, quickly evolved into a rent free 30-minute infomercial for those same veterans to endorse Trump, while Trump took the opportunity to plug his new Washington hotel. And when it done, Trump uttered a short statement acknowledging President Obama’s citizenship while blaming Senator Clinton for stirring up the controversy. No wonder the stage collapsed shortly afterwards.

For months Trump has dangled the media on a string and frankly they have been willing participants, silent partners in his scorched earth effort to discredit Senator Clinton and legitimize the alt-right by advocating their message of hate under the Banner of the Republican Party.

But his latest manipulation may have taken things a bit too far. I watched Ashleigh Banfield invest a large portion of her show anxiously anticipating what Trump speech only to be left holding the bag along with CNN. She spent what time she had left expressing her frustration on the birther topic and the aftermath of Trump’s so called press conference. Like most members of the media she thought Trump would also apologize for actions. But we know Trump never apologizes. Wolf Blitzer and Brooke Baldwin followed suit. Meanwhile challenging Trump or his surrogates on his plans for the economy, immigration and foreign policy was once again pushed to the background (deservedly today) but it happens to often in my opinion.

I think networks finally understand that it’s time to stop following Donald Trump for sound bites and to start holding him accountable for the things that he does and the things that he says. It’s time to end the free ride.

It’s clear that by not apologizing and blaming Senator Clinton for the birther movement, Trump is not trying to garner the minority vote. He knows he can’t get it so his best alternative is to try to drive a wedge between Senator Clinton and minorities…Gee, who never heard of divide and conquer? But I digress. Accountability is the achilles heel of the facade that is Donald Trump.

He skillfully manipulates the talking points so that he avoids being challenged for material answers on the issues that are most pressing to Americans. He would rather criticize Senator Clinton health rather than discuss his health care policy. It is a certainty that he will implore the same tactics during the debates. Think about it. If the moderators get distracted dissecting his centrifuge of lies they could end up wasting 30-40 minutes of a three-hour debate. Trump benefits from having his biggest weakness, a lack of general knowledge of most issues hidden from the viewing public. People, I urge you not become distracted by his antics, the pointless filibusters and over the top declarations.


I’ve always believed that believed that Donald Trump is best described as a man of numerous contradictions, fueled by his insecurity and fears. He hates President Obama because he is a strong Black man that worked his way through the ranks and earned the Presidency. He hates Bill and Hillary Clinton because they stayed together despite the setbacks in their marriage and not only do people like them but they respect them. He has his name over numerous structures, brags about who knows, what he owns and what he done but yet he can’t do enough to earn the respect of people outside of his circle. Make no mistake, winning the election can never fill that void.

I firmly believe that Donald Trump is more interested in winning the Presidency as opposed to being the President. How can a man who has never given of his time or cared about those who are less fortunate suddenly have an interest in the latter stage? With each lie, each accusation that Trump makes about President Obama and Senator Clinton, he is making a public confession of his own offenses. His quest for this country’s highest office has made us all witnesses to a very public outward destruction of a man who deteriorated long ago on the inside. It feels like Trump is being set up for a very public failure, justice for so many people he has hurt over his lifetime.

Matthew 24:4-13


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