A bully sees his end is near

In the 2008 primary campaign First Lady Michelle Obama said of Senator Hillary Clinton, “If you can’t take care of your home, how can you take care of the White House and the country?” It was a stinging reference to the Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs and how Hillary Clinton handled each situation. Donald Trump repeated these words today as he attacked the First Lady in retaliation for the way she has been hammering him on the campaign trail. In doing so he signaled three things.

First, he knows he has no chance of winning the election. Attacking the First Lady is a desperate act to save face because she’s been tearing him apart on the campaign trail without even mentioning him by name. Second, even at seventy-years old Trump demonstrates that he lacks the maturity to engage intelligently with ANY opposition. He’s not going to divide Senator Clinton’s supporters against her by dredging this up. And even if these comments or the communications revealed in leaked emails do happen to open old wounds, the people involved have the maturity and the fortitude to set their feeling aside long enough to ensure he never wins the election. Fighting for the greater good is not apart of the Trump fabric. And last but not least. Donald Trump is signaling that he is coming apart right before our very eyes.

A few week ago I wrote that his self-inflicted public demise was imminent.. justice, payback for everyone he has hurt in the past. I was wrong. When I think back about the lessons my mother taught me, I realize that I had misread things entirely. The truth is Donald Trump is reaping what he’s sowed over his lifetime. The irony in all this is he’s had numerous opportunities to make different choices; positive, life-altering choices for the very people whose vote he desperately seeks today. From African-Americans to whom he denied fair housing to Hispanics to whom he denied fair wages and disparaged at every opportunity.

Baring a significant change and I mean a spiritual change not a political one, his legacy will not be of a successful business man who lived the American dream but of an abuser of women, a bully, a sexist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, narcissistic and racist bigoted bitter man, undone by his self-loathing.

I’ve laughed at the Saturday Night Live skits especially since Alec Baldwin started imitating Trump but since the Access Hollywood tapes surfaced that laughter is tempered by the shock of his depravity. I was already appalled about what I knew of his character but these new allegations combined with his own words leave me deeply concerned about this man. We all should be.

Donald Trump’s dramatic slide in the polls has prompted all of us to assume that it’s time to stick a fork in Donald Trump political aspirations and I think that more true than not. However, I still have enough empathy to wonder what will become of him after the election is over. His brand and reputation is ruined and this might have never come to pass if had he not run for President.

Stick in a fork in him but I think we should all say a prayer for Donald Trump. He’ll never admit it but deep down inside I think he really wants us to.