The Arizona Cardinals are a mess

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough – Albert Einstein.

That quote immediately came to mind after reading several stories documenting the aftermath of Denver’s destruction of the Arizona Cardinals. I watched the game and I saw a team that looked lethargic and even worse, unprepared as illustrated repeatedly by the offensive line. I know many will chalk this up to Josh Rosen’s inexperience and rightfully so. Some will also place the blame at the feet of offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and that’s where I beg to differ. He’s working with what he has in the toolbox and it’s not much. No, if you want to know who is responsible for the Cardinal’s offensive woes look no further than General Manager Steve Keim and team President Mike Bidwill; who apparently needs to see one more injured quarterback before he has enough evidence that Keim and his scouting department are struggling to fill holes on the offensive line.

I almost made through the entire game until Rosen’s last interception. It wasn’t the best positioned pass but my goodness the intended receiver should have paid for an end zone seat. And that about sums it up…Enjoy the weekend!

Here are my picks for this week if you’re interested:

Chargers over the Titans, Bills slip past the Colts, Patriots add another win over the Bears, the Browns over Tampa Bay, Dolphins and Brock Osweiler beat the Lions, Vikes over the Jets, Panthers over Philly. The Jags bounce back from a two-game skid including that surprising loss to Dallas and beat the Texans, Saints have too much speed for the Ravens, the Cowboys, yes, the Cowboys win two in a row by beating Washington, the Chiefs are too much for the Bengals, Falcons beat up on the Giants and my UPSET PICK OF THE WEEK:

49ers beat the Rams.




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