The Dallas Cowboys look done

Manufactured emotion, no strategy and why after a solid week of practice was Amare Cooper on the sideline during critical moments? Why was Ezekiel Elliott trying to imitate Le’Veon Bell? I understand the concept of being patiently setting up blocks but there are times when you have to hit the hole with abandon. He had to see Dion Lewis, right?

This team is missing leadership and when they needed it the most tonight after Tennessee missed a field goal that could have stretched the lead to ten it was nowhere to be found. There is a distinct difference the between competing and just playing the game and that was it. That’s a bad sign coming off a bye, considering the upcoming schedule any hopes for a wild-card spot could come to an abrupt end on Thanksgiving Day when the Cowboys face Washington.

I’m pretty sure the realization of the fact became apparent to Jerry Jones and his sons as they hovered over the field watching Tennessee methodically convert 3rd downs at-will in route to a fourteen point victory. So what’s the problem? The needle will move between Coach Jason Garret and quarterback Jason Garrett, while both are accountable I think the root cause rest at a higher level, Jerry Jones. Look carefully at the makeup of this team from the coaching staff to the players and you will see it’s a reflection of Jones. Manicured but no substance, brash but no imagination, bold but no plan.

The Cowboys look done. I guess this is the definition of “Writing them off”