It’s been an interesting two years since my last post but I didn’t forget you.

During our time apart:

I laughed

I cried

I was angry

I experienced loss

I comforted

I supported

I needed support

I learned an instrument

I learned to pray

I cheered

I booed

I discovered new music

I gained some weight

I lost the weight

I gained new friends

I ended friendships

I discovered a talent

I strengthened my weakness

I was sick

I got well

I gave up satellite TV

I decried the political environment

I love people

I spoke out against racism

I advocate on someone else’s behalf

I was part of the solution

I stopped enabling a problem

I have questions

I helped stranger

I fed someone

I gave someone clothes

I was a shoulder to cry

I visited the sick

I had great ideas

I failed

I’m still learning

I less fond of sports

I’m engaging others

I’m making changes

And you. What about you? What have you done during our time apart? I’m looking forward to hearing about it. Stay tuned.





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